Tuesday, 23 September 2014

R N Jayaprakash blog

R.N.Jayaprakash :
CHENNAI: Small is beautiful. This seems to be the flavour on campuses now.

When there is a race among colleges to bring top corporate employers to their campuses for recruitments, a few colleges are quietly tying up with small and tiny industrial sector, thereby opening big job opportunities for their students.

Forget top corporates, engineering students must be properly utilised by tiny and small scale industries so that both sections could mutually benefit. This was the message sent across at an industry-college interface organised by the Agni College of Technology (ACT) here on Saturday. R N Jayaprakash, managing trustee of the college, called upon tiny and small scale industries to make use of the calibre of engineering students and faculty members, so as to improve the status of their micro industries.
-R N Jayaprakash.

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